Album: Piece of past
Magazin: StrutterZine
Bewertung: 8.5/10 Punkte

KING LEORIC is a German 3-piece band, and they have released a very good pure Metal CD. As the frontcover predicts, this is a pure 80s Metal record, reminding of such classic acts like DIO, RAINBOW, ANGEL WITCH, SAXON, TOKYO BLADE, and also some ACCEPT and HAMMERFALL similarities can be heard. The album contains 12 tracks, has a good production and most of the included tunes are quite good. The band has a very strong singer called Jensi, who also plays bass as well as writing a lot of the songs. Opener "King leoric is rising" is a great high quality melodic metal piece that sounds like HAMMERFALL meets WARLORD. Up next is "Metal poison" and this brings you right into 80s German Metal, like ACCEPT (meets MANOWAR), with some very good guitarwork here and there. Then comes one of my favourite tracks, namely the awesome strong melodic heavy rocker "Last words", a song with a catchy melodic chorus. The great semi-ballad "Pray for you" follows. A bit less sensational is the RAINBOW/DIO influenced heavy rocker "Thirsty magician", although the keys sound pretty nice here. "Black heart" is again more in the ACCEPT/MANOWAR style. The following 4 songs are very good, and pure 1980s N.W.O.B.H.M. They are titled "Broken bridge", "Revenge", "Arrival of the king" and "Strangers in the past" and should please any fan of bands like TOKYO BLADE, WOLF, ANGEL WITCH, STORMWITCH... "Dragonship" is a bit weaker, but closing track "Gods of Heavy Metal" is like the title says pure Metal, the early 80s British way that is, and this time very much like SAXON! If you’re looking for an independent high quality Metal record, then please go for this KING LEORIC. More info on them can be found at:

(Points: 8.5 out of 10)

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