Album: Piece of past
Magazin: Beyond Web Magazine
Bewertung: Keine Bewertung

The title says it all here. The first ten seconds this CD was playing, two words immediately popped in my mind: “Fucking Yeah”. Because what I heard was a killer Maiden-styled (or ripped) Heavy Metal jingle. So I thought we had a neo-NWOBHM band here from Germany, like the Japanese Gorgon. But the best was yet to come, because after this song, “King Leoric Is Rising”, came the next track called “Metal Poison” (you gotta love them cheap titles), which starts and sounds like the average old Running Wild or Grave Digger hit would sound with some NWOBHM in the background. The third track is a classic NWOBHM sing-a-long. For the fourth track the gentlemen thought it was time to show they like Candlemass as well - and how! - “Pray For You” sounds like Messiah Marcolin himself wrote it. As if it were not Heavy enough yet, the CD continues with “Thirsty Magician”, another catchy song with a medieval keyboard intro and loud chorus made to sing out loud! And so this brilliant mix of the German (and other) Old School Heavy Metal (Blind Guardian’s first, Grave Digger, Running Wild, Motörhead, Maiden…) goes on with “Black Heart”, “Broken Bridge”, “Revenge” (my personal favorite song from this CD) and “Arrival Of The King”. As a bonus King Leoric have added their 2000 Demo. Three tracks at least as heavy as the others, sounding a bit rougher. I also take my hat off for the sound on this self-released CD! “We Love Heavy Metal - We’re its Slave!” Jachim

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