T&M: Wunder

Far away now gone, justice torn apart
Knowing no reasons where to end or to start
Devastated hearts, raped and tortured souls
Like the living dead we begin to crawl

Soon all tears will dry, silence fades away
Burning dreams of starlight, the last decay
Blood-shades in the blaze, Fire in the air
Prayers left for those who might despair

Now a stormcloud fills the sky
the voice of the King and his battlecry

Without fear we are on the run
We´re not too less to win the battle
Together we will stand as one,
We got the power of Heavy Metal

Water to baptize, but how to cleanse our soul?
Will we stand our judgement, our final call?
Blades now lead the fight, we will make them bleed
Innocence to lose is destiny...!

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