Gods of Heavy Metal
T&M:S.Bergmann & Lord Conti

So here we are - the dawn of a new age - follow our sign
We pray to our kings - the gods of the past - come into our time

So here we stand - to recieve godlike power - the holy guitar
So watch it rise - the Metal Empire - foreseen by the prophets

Fall to your knees, Down to your knees
Pray to the Gods of Heavy Metal

So here we play - the songs of our gods -their spirit in our strings
Rock and Rap - your gods so fuckin full of shit - die by our speed

The Gods they have prepared to enter
To bring our world a golden age
To crush the heretics of metal
To lead their warriors out of the grave

They rule our minds they rule our souls
Lead our hands as we play
In our songs your holy law:
Bang your head to win the war

Listen Apostles - lead Metal into our world
In your eyes I see the fire of a true Metal Messiah...

Feel the fire - now see the light - now join our fight
Now the fools - find finally their end - in the wrath of the gods

Now the world rushes straight to destiny - A new beginning
The Metal Age - will last eternally - never to be beaten

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